About the studio

Since its creation, the studio has been a major stopping point for musicians, filmmakers and artists both local and international over the years.

<can we make this shorter, and pull the rest to a sub paragraph?> We have worked on award-nominated original film scores and sound design for multiple Lebanese and international films, and museum installations at Sursock museum, Beit Beirut, Beirut Art Center, Ashkal Alwan…DETAILS

Tunefork has been the launching pad for many local bands with international recognition/touring, recording The Wanton Bishops’ first 2 EPs and debut album, Who Killed Bruce Lee / Bands that have achieved international recognition.
Touring with Postcards in Europe since 2018 - sound engineers

Our studios can host up to 10 musicians at the same time, with a separate room for drums

We’re also fully prepared for on location recording - Balou Balaa with Swiss-Lebanese ensemble Menura, Bustros Palace with Radwan Mounme (Jerusalem in my heart), Asil Ensemble at FOUNDATION, Karkhana at Malmo Inter Arts Center in Sweden, etc

Tunefork is more than just a recording studio, it's a community

It’s a community who believes that music and sound cannot be separate - shi hek. We believe in the importance of learning to listen - elaborate

Production and to the highest standard, but also prodiving more raw/low-fi sounds that you can’t get anywhere else in Lebanon (?): reel-to-reel recordings - Kinematik’s Alaa’, and Alko B’s Sex Tapes + as well as analog tape recording - Charlie Rayne’s albums, Interbellum’s Now Try Coughing.

Always supported local acts and upcoming bands, partnering with Radio Liban for their competition in 2006, to Beirut Open Stage competitions from 2013-2016, Beirut Open Space (The venue), and since January 2019, handling all of Sofar Sounds Beirut’s sound needs. Mashrou3 Leila, Postcards, Filter Happier, OTHER COMPETITION WINNERS all got their first recording at Tunefork.

Collaboration with Ruptured over the years - recorded the radio sessions that amounted to 5 live CDs of acts from the underground scene between 2006 and 2013, and multiple bands from TF have gone on to be featured on the label. 


Current team members

After finishing his studies in sound engineering in Montreal, Lebanese musician/producer Fadi Tabbal returned to Beirut in 2006 and founded Tunefork Studios. It has since grown into a collective of musicians, engineers and producers. 

Fadi Tabbal

Founder, Senior engineer, Composer, Producer and Sound Designer

Anthony Sahyoun

Senior engineer, Composer, Producer and Sound Designer

Julia Sabra

Manager, Live sound engineer and Composer

Marwan Tohme

Junior engineer, Live sound engineer and Composer